You can tell passionate people by the energy they put into the constant quest for perfection in their work. When this passion is combined to expertise and competence, results are nothing short of spectacular. At Construction Doverco, we are proud to offer you this blend of competence and enthusiasm that drives us to never settle for less than excellence.

The desire to surpass yourself and always do better in serving clients are the two fundamental pre-requisites for joining the Doverco team. These goals permeate each phase of the process resulting in the execution of every mandate undertaken by Construction Doverco.

Our department performs the estimation of the preliminary steps very carefully to all proposals submitted to Jonathan Gonel estimator. Subsequently, the projects are the responsibility of our project managers who see the coordination of each procedure in order to complete the realization of our mission.

For all quotes presented to our estimation department, we go through the preliminary steps with great care and thoroughness. Projects are then under the responsibility of our Project Managers who coordinate each intervention with the goal to carry out our mission.

Our Project Managers are :

Daniel Savard (President), Christian Taillefer, Paul-André Moreau, Julie Lavallée, Yan Turbis Labonté along with our Project Coordinators Catherine Girard and Julie Marineau. All ensure optimal energy is used in order to execute the work.

Once teams are assigned to their specific functions, compliance with plans and estimates is verified by superintendents Yves Touchette, Normand Lanthier, Dominic Savard and Dany Paquet, whose approval remains an ultimate guarantee of higher quality.

At any time during the execution of works, clients can contact Manon Joly, administrative and financial director, or Jocelyne Lupien who see to the smooth management of operations and can provide them with information relating to project administration.

For any other questions, our office support manager Julie Marineau will be happy to direct your call to the right resource.

It is our pleasure to share news of the successful transfer of our company to our family heirs. It is a beautiful story of pride, dedication and passion which will now passed on to the son of founder Mr. Daniel Savard, who will be occupying the title of President.

In this role, he will accompany and professionally support the team while continuing to promote the same value system as before, one of rigor and aiming to excel.
He will do so using an inspiring approach, competently, motivating, always listening, in a role of counselor and supporter, always doing so with respect and confidence, which have always been the keys to the past success of Construction Doverco and will be the keys to its future success.

We will continuously strongly promote these values at all levels of our organization as they apply to the entirety of cultures in which we have a presence and of which we are proud to be a part. These working practices define our history, our global identity and our way of doing business.

This pursuit of a work culture based on high performance is a crucial part of our identity shows itself in our team, which continues to make this company a great place to work.

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